Log Cabin

Log cabins were built and families rose under conditions we would now consider inadequate. All families did not have three bedroom, running water, and indoor toilets.

Mr. Samuel Caffrey built his cabin in 1835 by cutting down trees and, with the use of tools of the times a crosscut saw, broad axe, and adz and lots of muscle, put up the cabin. The roof could have been shakes, sawed boards or poles and dirt. It all depends on the availability of material or ability of the builder. We do not have a record of the original roof.

The cabin was taken apart and all logs numbered as to location. It was then reassembled in the Historical Village. A new door had to be built and a new chimney provided. From time to time, repairs have had to be made to protect and retain the original structure. You can see the type of axe and saw work needed to square and notch the logs. Many homesteads were stared and families raised in this type of cabin.

The cabin is furnished as it may have been in the mid 1800’s. A feather tick on a rope bed, an old trunk, pie safe, fireplace crane, loom, table, and baby bed were about all that would fit into a 14 x 18 foot home.