Valley Church

The potbellied stove, piano, upper parts of the lights, lectern, and the three pulpit chairs were used by the first minister, Rev. R.S. Tague. The pews were donated by the town of Marysville, Iowa, when the Methodist Church there was disbanded. The pews are of solid walnut and were sawn and donated by Mr. Mose Walters and were built by Mr. Charles Foshier in 1873.

The church’s first trustees were J.F. Ream, Wilson F. Scott, and John D. Smith.

The old Regulator Clock was given to the Society in 1975 by the trustees of the Oakdale Church in Lucas County.

Other items of interest in the church include old communion cup holders for disbursement of the sacrament, old Bibles and song books. Some of the books shown are those used in the Catholic Church (date unknown), Presbyterian Church (1864), Methodist Episcopal Church (1899), Methodist History (2880), and a Methodist Hymnal of 2x2x4 inches comprising 1148 songs and services and, while it is undated, the flyleaf shows it was present to H.M Hegwood on May 30, 1871.

It is of special interest in that there is not one note of music, only the words of the songs.

In the foyer, there are pictures of many old Marion County churches and some of their classes. There is also a map of Marion County with the location of older churches shown.

The church is still in service and can be reserved for special services on Sundays and for many weddings. To reserve the chapel, please request and complete the Rental Agreement and return it with your deposit no later than one week prior to your event date to:

Marion County Historical Society
PO Box 21
Knoxville, Iowa 50138