Machine Annex

The machine annex is a fascinating area for those interested in the tools and machines of our forefathers. It is an area that needs much works as it is difficult to display old firearm rifling tools, hand-operated washing machines, wooden water pipers, sleighs, grain cradles, plows, binders, separators, dog treadmill, and blacksmithing tools effectively.

With the old plows and cultivators and grain cradles, binders, separators, and new combines, it does show how families have progressed from farming for family subsistence to being able to feed many people. With thought on our part, we can “know” how our ancestors supported a family on 80 acres (with a lot of hard work) to now when a farmer needs several hundred acres to maintain a suitable standard of living for the family. We were and are an agricultural area. Our tools show it.

The old popcorn wagon was moved from town to town by a team of horses and the peanuts roasted and the corn popped by acetylene gas generated by carbide.