Pat Witzman

Past Board Member

Ted Eller

I moved to Knoxville in 1951, bought a dental practice, and practiced Dentistry for 43 years, and have been retired for 20 years. I don’t know much about retired, but find that I’m very aware of the ‘tired’ part.

I’ve been an inactive member of the Historical Society for several years but have been more active the last couple of years, and hope that I can contribute to the Society more in the next few years.

Dave Richie

Past Board Member

Joan Hall

Past Board Member

Helen Boertje

I was introduced to the Marion County Historical Society by Jennie Breen, a long time, active member of MCHS. In 1994 when we moved to Pella from the farm, Jennie and I became backyard neighbors. Knowing that I often gave heritage rug braiding demonstrations for various historical festivals she invited me to showcase my hobby at Pioneer Days. From that first visit I found like minded members and visitors to be very friendly and welcoming. I came back often to demonstrate and help in other ways.

My research for “When One Room Fit All, the Country Schools of Marion County, IA” was greatly aided by the material already contributed to the museum and by my contacts with the people I’ve met through MCHS. In the binders of information on country schools I even found several missing photographs from my mother’s album when she taught at Rees, Red Rock, and North Porterville. She’d be happy to know that her daughter is continuing to share her interest in country school education.

As the current Vice President of the Board, I have a more active voice in promoting the preservation of Marion County history. We do have a very rich history, much of it still to be recorded. Every family story contributes to that history. Take time to write yours down before the memory is lost.